We believe that the best way to learn filmmaking is to make films, with the support and guidance of experienced industry practitioners.

Our philosophy has three core tenets:


Active Participatory Learning

The learning experience is most effective when you actively take part in the process. Wherever possible we avoid the lecture format for our BA and One-Year courses, and most of your time will be spent in workshops, participating in active discussions and completing practical exercises.


For students on our MA in Filmmaking programme, we ask you to draw upon your previous filmmaking experience and set this within an academic framework that works to better inform your filmmaking decisions. For this particular course, you will be expected to take a self-directed approach to developing your projects.


You will learn by:

- making your own filmmaking decisions in a supported, structured environment


- working in challenging situations to help you understand what you know and do not know


- access to the knowledge and skills you need to solve that challenge


- reflecting and adapting your own response in relation to the acquired knowledge and skills


- opportunities to put that learning into action 


- appreciating that you will learn and develop as much from your mistakes as your successes



Professional Development

We help all our students prepare for the next steps after leaving the school.


Students on our One-Year and BA programmes will benefit from:

- one-to-one and group sessions which focus on your aspirations and plans, which include personalised objective setting and career advice


- coaching in fundamental professional skills, such as scheduling budgeting, negotiation, presentation and interview techniques


- workshops and seminars on the business of filmmaking from producing through to financing, distribution and exploitation, and in particular the exciting career opportunities afforded by new digital technologies


- advice on the different career paths available, as well as specific entry-level roles


- constant contact with industry professionals – in workshops, on your productions and in masterclasses – to help build your own network




We will encourage you to develop your own distinct ‘voice’ as a filmmaker, and you will have plenty of opportunity to explore film as a medium for your own self-expression :

- personal mentoring is fundamental to our highly tailored approach


- students on our BA and One-Year programmes will participate in close analysis of successful films, usually from the writer and director’s perspective, and apply what you have learned in your practical exercises


- with an awareness and appreciation of the techniques and achievements of others, as well as an understanding of their historical and cultural context, you will then be challenged to develop your own original style