Met Film School Berlin



Met Film School opened its doors to budding filmmakers nearly ten years ago, and following its success we are delighted to launch our Berlin campus. Met Film School Berlin follows the same ethos as our London School, offering intensive practical filmmaking experience taught by industry professionals in an active film studio. Classes are primarily taught in English, in accordance with our accreditation to the University of West London, however we will be offering some of our short courses also available in German from Autumn 2013. 



Met Film School Berlin is based at BUFA; Berliner Union-Film GmbH and Co Studio KG, the studio that has been home to film productions since the Weimar Republic and is one of the oldest film studios in Europe. The school’s location enables students to have first hand experience of a working film studio on a day-to-day basis, and also places them in the heart of the city.   



BUFA is an active film studios whose stages offer a wealth of filming experiences for our students – Greenscreen, Live- TV studio set up, a standing set used for TV production and large stage for commercial use.  The studio is home to in-house production companies, a camera / lighting rental house, a prop house, a set building company and post-production facilities. Being in close proximity to the industry offers our students access to the professional world of filmmaking. 


The studio is based in the trendy Neukolln/Kreuzberg area of Berlin. Students can expect a vibrant, diverse and an extremely creative community.